What? Selfportraits, photographs of me, taken by me.
When? always.
Where? In my house. My bedroom, my bathroom, my livingroom.
Number of pictures: 21, but i'll keep updating this.
Model: me! :D
Other Notes: when i get bored, i tend to just take pictures of myself.


please, comment, comment comment!

my next shoot is this wednesday in Minnertsga, Friesland, Holland.
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the park

What? A walk in the park.
When? I can't remember xD April 2007.
Where? The park in Stiens.
Number of pictures: 15
Other Notes: I always used to walk here with my grandmother... a lot of memories.


Tell me about it.
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Anike and the forest

What? A photoshoot in the forest.
When? March 16th 2007
Where? Cornjum-forest.
Number of pictures: 103
Model: Anike
Other Notes: this was the funniest shoot i had ever done. and the first.


Please, let me know what you think.
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Montessori Muziekavond

What? Montessori Muziekavond
When? March 16th 2007
Where? PJ Montessori, Leeuwaren, Holland
Number of pictures taken: 203
Other Notes: this was one of my first shootings. it was my first band-shoot. because of the lighting in the room, a lot of pictures looked lighter at that moment. sucks a little, but whatever.


Tell me what you think! :)
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welcome to Ryasauruslove Photography

im Ryanne, im 15 years old and im a photographer.
i take photographs because i enjoy shooting them.
im still looking for models.

i love shooting black/white photographs.
i love Anike for being my model at the moment. she's amazing <3

any questions?

im going to put the first pictures up tomorrow. 
now, the party started, and i really should be going. 
so, go and party, y'all! 
have a nice evening/night!

xx, Ryan
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